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What Is Rejuran S?

rejuran s

Rejuran S (Scar) has the highest concentration of Polynucleotide (PN) among the other range of Rejuran injectables as it is meant for scar healing. It helps to better restore and reconstruct tissue, making it the most ideal product for acne scars.

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How Does Rejuran S Work?

Rejuran S

Our skin naturally produces collagen to replace the damaged ones when there is inflammation caused by acne. However, in cases where there isn’t optimal healing, the loss of tissue causes pits or indentations in the skin.

The role of Rejuran S is to provide a structural scaffold to activate the production of collagen and skin healing. It acts like a filler to fill up sunken scars and repair the skin at the dermis with its rejuvenating properties.

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How is Rejuran S Different from Rejuran Healer?

Rejuran S has a more viscous consistency than Rejuran Healer, which makes it effective in “filling” up acne scars and gives an immediate improvement.

With its higher concentration of Polynucleotide (PN), Rejuran S effectively stimulates the production of collagen which makes it excellent for treating acne scars.

Types of Acne Scars that Rejuran S can Treat

Rejuran S is able to treat almost all types of scars. This includes : Rolling Scars, Boxcar Scars, Icepick Scars, Chickenpox Scars and Keloid Scars.

Types of Acne Scars

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Benefits of Rejuran S

fade acne scare rejuran

Fade Acne Scars

stimulate collagen

Stimulate Skin’s Fibroblast To Produce Collagen

How is Rejuran S being done?

Our doctors will conduct an in-depth consultation with you to discuss your desired results prior to the treatment. Before starting on the procedure, the injection sites will be cleaned and disinfected before a numbing cream is applied and left on to settle. Using a fine needle, our doctor will inject small amounts of Rejuran S into the skin which will take no more than 20 minutes.

Rejuran S with Subcision for better results

Rejuran S with Subcision

Rejuran S can also be combined with Subcision to achieve maximum results. Subcision uses a bigger needle and micro-cannulas to break up the fibrotic strands that causes the depression in the skin which then releases the tension of the scar. Rejuran S will then be injected into the base of the acne scar with a 34G needle to stimulate the skin’s fibroblast to induce collagen reproduction and repair dermal skin cells.

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Meet The Doctors

Dr. Daniel Wee

MBBS (Singapore) | GDFM (Singapore) | Accredited Family Physician (MOH) | Accredited Certificate Issuer for Lasting Power of Attorney (Ministry of Community and Youth Singapore MCYS) | Member of Singapore Medical Association (SMA) | Member of College of Family Physicians Singapore (CFPS)

Dr. Lau Xin Rou

MBBS (University Malaya) | Accredited by Singapore Medical Council for Medical Aesthetic Procedure

FAQ On Rejuran S

Is It Painful?

Pain and discomfort are minimal as a numbing cream will be applied 20-30 mins prior to the procedure. However, this still varies between individuals as everyone has a different tolerance level.

When Can I See Results?

The aesthetic results are immediate and you will notice the difference right away when Rejuran S volumes your depressed scars.

There will also be long-term scar improvements from on-going collagen production that lasts weeks to months.

How Often Do I Need To Get The Treatment Done?

It is recommended to do one treatment 4 weeks apart for the first 3-4 treatments and subsequently once every 6-12 months.

Is Rejuran S Safe?

The components used in Rejuran S are very safe and compatible with the human body as the salmon DNA is purified and processed before it’s being used for medical aesthetics use. However, it is not recommended for patients who are allergic to salmon.

What Can I Expect After The Treatment?

You may notice redness, swilling, light bruising, and appearance of small bumps right after the treatment. However, these side effects are only temporary and will subside after a couple of hours.

A few weeks after the treatment, you can expect to notice improvement as it takes time for the skin cells to repair.

How Long Can Rejuran S Last?

Rejuran S treatment results can last for several months; hence maintenance is always advised, with one treatment done every 6-12 months. However, every individual’s skin has its own lifespan and turnover and may vary from person to person.

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