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Non-Invasive Body Lifting and Contouring Treatment

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What Is HIFU?

HIFU, also known as High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound, is a non-invasive treatment that involves targeting the deeper layers of the body’s tissue for skin tightening, skin lifting and body contouring using ultrasound energy.

Is Liftera HIFU Suitable For Me?

Hifu Body
Liftera Lifting can be performed on almost all parts of the body including the abdomen, upper arms, love handles, legs, and calves. It is effective for increasing body elasticity as well as body contouring in a non-surgical way.
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Body Contouring Procedure of Liftera HIFU

HIFU body shaping procedure
1. Fat cells and cellulite is formed within the body.
HIFU body shaping procedure
2. The thermal diffusion energy destroys the fat cells that have been targeted.
HIFU body shaping procedure
3. Stable accumulation of heat energy gives a bigger effect by giving the same effect to surrounding fat cells as a whole.
HIFU body shaping procedure
4. Body contouring & Tightening delivering a smooth, contoured body line.
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Benefits of Liftera HIFU

  • Non-invasive contouring and lifting for both the face and the body
  • Tighten loose and sagging skin
  • Fat reduction and body firming
  • Destroys subcutaneous fat tissue and cellulite
  • Body shaping at underarm, abdominal, inner thighs and more.
  • The only technology with both a line and pen applicator to target specific regions

Why Liftera HIFU?

Unlike general HIFU procedure, Liftera treatment irradiate at a certain depth in the skin without any damage of epidermis.
Liftera is much lesser painful for the patient with better results in two months.
Liftera is able to perform on a curved skin line, therefore the proper energy is delivered closely to the skin, allowing skilled physician to perform faster and more effective treatments.
Why Liftera HIFU
If the Peak Power is too low, the efficacy is insignificant, and if it is too high, it can damage to surrounding tissues.
Liftera generate stable and precise Peak Power to increase the efficacy in the tissue by the thermal energy for the pain relief of the patient.
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Is HIFU Liftera Safe?

Yes. The ultrasound energy bypasses the surface of the skin to deliver at depths of up to 4.5mm.

Is HIFU Liftera Painful?

No. Unlike other ultrasound treatment or treatments for face lifting, Liftera is less painful. If patient has a sensitive skin, you may apply topical anesthesia for
numbing to take effect.

Is There Any Downtime?

No. There is no downtime for this treatment. This is an in-office procedure, allowing you to return to your normal routine immediately after treatment. No special aftercare is required. The treatment usually takes about 15-30 minutes, depending on the areas treated.

What Results Can I Expect?

You will notice immediate visible skin tightening and lifting after the treatment and progressively within 40 days as your skin continues to generate collagen, allowing you to have more youthful skin day by day.

How Often Do I Need To Do This Treatment And How Long Will The Results Last?

Typically, only one treatment is required to see visible results. However, this also depends on the patient’s degree of skin laxity, biology response to ultrasound energy and the collagen-building process. For maintenance, it is recommended to get one treatment done once every 6 months.

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