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What Is Cheek Fillers?

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Cheek fillers are medical grade, gel-like implants that are used to contour and sculpt the cheekbones for a more defined look.

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How are Cheek Fillers used?

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Cheek filler is a safe and minimally invasive procedure that combats visible signs of aging and improve facial features. Cheek fillers work by adding volume above and around your cheekbones to give the appearance of a more defined bone structure. When cheek fillers are injected beneath the skin, it also smoothens out wrinkles and fine lines. Laugh lines and under eye bags can also be reduced by injecting small amount of fillers strategically along the cheeks to help lift laugh lines and reduce the appearance of eye bags.

How Do Cheek Fillers Work?

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Hyaluronic acid in cheek fillers possesses water retaining abilities and helps to keep skin tissues lubricated. Once injected into the skin, it will attract water molecules to itself and create a volumizing effect. Over time, the injected areas will look fuller, bouncier and smoother.

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Benefits of Cheek Fillers

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Lift and Define Cheekbones

skin elasticity

Sculpt Face for A Youthful Appearance

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Smooth Out Wrinkles and Fine Lines

laugh line

Reduce Laugh Lines

Should I get Cheek Fillers or Cheek Implants?

Cheek implants require surgery, are limited in size and shapes and may extrude from your skin over time. Although cheek implants are permanent and adds definition to the face, as you age you lose fat in the face, causing the edges cheek implants to become more visible. This may result in an unnatural appearance.

Instead of getting cheek implants to attain your ideal face shape, cheek fillers gives you the flexibility of moulding the shape of your cheeks to suit your unique face shape. Cheek fillers gives similar results with none of the complications and pain associated with implant surgery. In fact, cheek fillers has the advantage of giving more natural looking appearance. Cheek fillers are also mainly made up of hyaluronic acid which the body breaks down eventually over time, hence it is a much safer option. There is also less downtime with cheek fillers (30 minutes tops) as compared to surgery downtime, which can take up to 2 weeks for your cheeks to heal completely.

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How does a Cheek Filler Procedure Work?

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Our doctors will assess your facial structure and discuss your aesthetic goals before the treatment. During the initial assessment, you will also be briefed on the nature of the fillers, the longevity of the fillers, their potential side effects, and what to expect during the procedure. Our doctors will also gauge your pain tolerance to ensure you do not feel any discomfort during treatment.

Before starting on the procedure, the injection sites will be cleaned and disinfected before a numbing cream is applied and left on to settle. After the numbing cream is washed off, our doctor will clean the area with an alcohol wipe before using a fine needle to inject the fillers into the cheeks. Next, our doctor will mould the filler to achieve the desired look. Finally, the injected areas will be cleaned and cold cream applied to reduce swelling and bruising.

The entire treatment may take 15 to 20 minutes for both cheeks.

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Meet The Doctors

Dr. Daniel Wee

MBBS (Singapore) | GDFM (Singapore) | Accredited Family Physician (MOH) | Accredited Certificate Issuer for Lasting Power of Attorney (Ministry of Community and Youth Singapore MCYS) | Member of Singapore Medical Association (SMA) | Member of College of Family Physicians Singapore (CFPS)

Dr. Lau Xin Rou

MBBS (University Malaya) | Accredited by Singapore Medical Council for Medical Aesthetic Procedure

FAQ On Cheek Fillers

How long can Cheek fillers last?

It depends on the type of nose filler used. In general, most fillers last between 1 to 2 years.

What can I expect after the procedure?

You may notice redness, swelling, mild bruising and some transient needle marks right after the procedure. However, these side effects are temporary and will subside after a couple of hours.

If you have sensitive skin and are prone to bruising, avoid massaging the injection areas and stay away from alcohol for 48 hours.

Results are immediately visible after the procedure but subtle. Your overall appearance should not look radically altered but improved and aesthetically pleasing. However cheek fillers usually take a week to stabilise and set into the skin, hence you should also avoid activities that may displace the fillers.

Are Cheek fillers safe?

Cheek fillers are made up of hyaluronic acid, and it is a natural substance produced by our body. It is found largely in the skin, connective tissues and eyes. Hence hyaluronic acid is perfectly safe and does not cause any adverse reactions in the majority of people.

Can I top-up more fillers?

If you prefer a more sculpted look and wish to top-up with more fillers, we would advise you to wait at least a week before scheduling another treatment. This is to allow the fillers to bind fully with your skin tissue and settle into your skin, which will allow us to assess the end result and advise you on the next step.

How long should I wait before resuming other facial treatments?

You should wait at least 2 weeks for the fillers to settle in before getting a facial or other face treatments.

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