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Rejuran is an injectable skin treatment originating from Korea. It has gained immense popularity in Korea and Japan due to its ability to reverse signs of aging and restore suppleness and glow to skin complexion. It has many names; PDRN Therapy, Healer Injection, Baby Skin Injection, but it is most widely known as Rejuran Healer. This skin healing treatment finally arrived on Singapore shores in 2017 and has also been approved by Singapore Health Sciences Authority (HSA) for aesthetic treatments.

You may have heard that Rejuran Healer is made from salmon sperm. It is true that Rejuran Healer is derived from salmon sperm, as salmon DNA has been proven to be compatible with the human body. And no, it does not smell fishy at all! Rejuran Healer is made up of polynucleotides (PN) which are essentially the building blocks of DNA, with “poly” referring to many and “nucleotides” referring to a biological molecule existing in all living bodies. The nucleotides are extracted from salmon has been purified and processed, making it safe to be used in aesthetic treatments.

Polynucleotides restores skin elasticity by activating the skin’s self-regeneration properties from the inside. Aging skin damaged by UV light, natural aging, acne and other external stimuli are repaired by the polynucleotides in Rejuran Healer. Skin structure and tissues are regenerated by increased cell growth though fibroblast production of collagen. The result is smoother, younger and firmer skin.

Rejuran Healer is suitable for anyone who wants to pause the aging clock on skin. But you don’t need to have mature skin to consider this treatment! Due to Rejuran Healer’s anti-inflammatory properties (thanks to salmon DNA), this treatment is also suitable for people with moderate to severe acne scarring, enlarged pores, dehydrated skin and even damaged skin from excessive laser treatments.

 Freehand manual injection 

There are two ways of administering Rejuran Healer – freehand manual injection, or the injector gun method. Freehand manual injection has always been the benchmark for administering skin boosters, fillers, Botox and other skin treatments. For Rejuran Healer to work effectively, it has to be injected correctly into the dermis layer. This is because the dermis layer contains fibroblast cells, which is responsible for the production of collagen and other extra cellular matrix. Extra small 34 gauge needles are usually used to minimize pain during injections. Approximately 200-300 injections is usually made for the entire face and neck area, with each injection spaced evenly apart (0.5cm to 2cm) from each injection spot. This is the recommended method for injecting Rejuran Healer as it allows skin to absorb it fully and reduce the likelihood of bruising. 

 Injector gun Method 

The other method of injecting Rejuran Healer, is using an injector gun. Most people prefer the ease and speed of injector gun as it translates to a quicker session. With the injector gun, the chances of product leakage is high. This is because the injector gun needs to generate sufficient suction on the skin to deliver 5-9 micro needles of Rejuran Healer into the skin. Much of the product tends to leak out during this step. To compensate for this, the suction power of the injector gun may be increased. At the same time, the needle is also plunged deeper into the dermis to prevent leakage. However, it is often difficult to target the correct dermis layer. The superficial dermis is the skin layer to be targeted, and when the injection goes beyond this layer, there is a higher risk of injuring the deeper blood vessels. For this reason, manual injection is the preferred choice for Rejuran treatment to yield the best results.

You may be wondering, is Rejuran Healer painful? The answer is that Rejuran Healer is tolerable to most people. The application of numbing cream before the procedure goes a long way in reducing any discomfort. If you have a low pain threshold, not to worry, your doctor can always upgrade the numbing cream to a local anaesthesia as well. Patients may also choose to take their own oral painkillers such as Panadol before the treatment.

After Rejuran Healer treatment, it is normal to see small red bumps that resemble mosquito bites on your face. These bumps are indication of correct placement of the product under the skin, and generally last for one or two days. Typically, bruising is minimal.

Results from Rejuran Healer are not immediately obvious compared to other aesthetic treatments. This is because the skin healing process takes time to take effect. However you can expect to see smoother and more hydrated skin 2 to 5 days after treatment. By 2 to 4 weeks, skin becomes more firm and elastic as collagen regeneration has taken place, therefore reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and pores. A follow up of 3-4 treatment sessions at monthly intervals will be able to maintain the effects. For long lasting results, a top-up every 6 to 9 months is ideal to stimulate and maintain the vibrancy of fibroblast cells to produce collagen continuously.

At Joyre Medical and Aesthetic Clinic, we offer three types of Rejuran treatments: Rejuran I, Rejuran HB and Rejuran S. Each treatment has its own unique formulation and aesthetic purpose.

Rejuran I is a type of Rejuran treatment that is targeted for wrinkles and fine lines around the eye areas. It has a softer consistency than other Rejuran types and therefore does not cause lumpiness when injected into the skin around the eyes. Aside from treating wrinkles, Rejuran I also lifts sagging skin around the eyes for a more refreshed look.

If your skin is severely dehydrated and damaged by excessive lasers, Rejuran HB (Hydro Boost) may be a suitable option. Rejuran HB contains polynucleotides (PN) and hyaluronic acid, which adds a hydrating boost on top of skin repair.

Another type of Rejuran treatment, known as Rejuran S, is the go-to skin rejuvenating treatment for acne scars. Rejuran S has a higher concentration of polynucleotides (PN) that promotes scar healing and fills up the sunken scar tissues for a smoother skin texture.  

At the end of the day, Rejuran Healer is safe and suitable for most people. However we believe that each treatment should be tailored to your individual skin concerns. Great skin starts by choosing the right treatment! Whatsapp us at 9751 2983 or drop us an email at [email protected] to find out more about our Rejuran treatments.

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