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Formulated by doctors, performed by doctors.
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Facial skin woes on a tiny sunny island, Singapore

Because of our mostly sunny weather here in Singapore, we suffer from various skin concerns. Even with a diligent skin care routine, most Singaporeans struggle to have good skin.

Do you have these facial skin woes and concerns?


Sun exposure is the leading cause of pigmentation, and since Singapore is a tropical country with all year round summer, it is much easier for you to suffer from skin pigmentation.

Huge Pores Singapore
Enlarged Pores

Excessive perspiring and hot climate cause your pores to widen. This makes it easier for dirt and other impurities to enter and clog up pores.

dull skin
Dull Skin

Without proper skincare habits, dead skin cells accumulate together with sebum and impurities, leaving your skin looking dull and unhealthy.

Acne Singapore

Perspiring in hot and humid weather makes our skin a magnet for attracting dust, dirt and pollutants. This is the perfect recipe for bacteria to thrive and cause acne skin.


Facial flushing is common in hot weathers. Facial redness due to enlarged blood vessels, may in the long run, lead to rosacea problems.

Dry Oily Skin Singapore
Dry/Oily Skin

High humidity cause the skin’s sebaceous gland to release more oil, leading to breakouts and skin irritation. Hot climate also causes your skin to become more dry.

Fortunately, Joyre Medical & Aesthetic Clinic’s doctors have personally handpicked and formulated our Signature treatment to help our patients address various skin concerns.
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Introducing Joyre Signature Protocol That Helped Our Patients Get Clearer, Glass-like Glowing Skin

Duo Lasers & Facial Combi

Q Switched laser singapore
  • Remove hyperpigmentation such as freckles, brown spots and acne marks.
  • Even and brighten skin tone.
  • Sustain firmness and elasticity of the skin.
Pro Yellow Laser singapore
  • Achieve radiant glowing glass skin.
  • Effectively remove facial veins, redness or rosacea caused by dilated blood vessels.
  • Overall tightening and rejuvenating effect on skin.
Calecim Serum singapore

Calecim Rejuvenation Facial

  • Concentrated 80% active serum contains protein cells derived from the umbilical cord of New Zealand Red Deer.
  • Effective for post-laser recovery.
  • Stimulate skin collagen production.

Your Journey at Joyre Medical & Aesthetic Clinic

Our doctors will assess your skin issues and discuss your aesthetic goals before the treatment.  You will also be briefed on what to expect during the procedure. Our doctors will also gauge your pain tolerance to ensure you do not feel any discomfort during treatment.

deep pigmentation laser

Deep Pigment Q-Switched Laser is used to remove stubborn pigmentations such as age spots, freckles, and melasma. It removes 75% to 100% of dark spots for a permanently freckle-free skin. For people with oily skin, Q-Switch Laser controls oil secretion by shrinking pores and killing bacteria that causes acne.

pro yellow laser singapore

Pro Yellow Laser targets pigments and their underlying blood vessels . Using an unique 577nm wavelength, this laser energy breaks up pigmented cells and allows the body to eliminate it naturally. Experience longer lasting results with less chance of pigmentation relapse.

calecim serum

80% concentrations of Calecim Rejuvenating Conditioned Media immediately calms, soothes and accelerate wound healing. Patients experience much faster recovery.

led light therapy

Blue light is used to kill acne bacteria, cleanse oily skin and unclog pores. Red light stimulates collagen production and minimizes wrinkles.

facial massage singapore

Facial massage helps to improve lymphatic circulation around the face. This ensures all the nutrients are properly absorbed into your skin.

Each steps are carefully designed to achieve clearer, radiant skin by our doctors.
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How Is Duo Lasers & Facial Combi Different?

joyre medical aesthetic
Aesthetic treatments are constantly changing. Our goal at Joyre is to keep evolving our treatments to offer the most suitable solutions for your skin.
We’ve found that our patients’ skin experienced more satisfactory results and lower downtime compared to individual treatments.
Reduced Downtime for Clinical Treatments

Reduced Downtime for Clinical Procedure

The active ingredients used in the procedures contains proteins, peptides and growth factors reduce inflammation, and increase skin cell turnover. As a result, swelling and redness are reduced after treatments. Patients are able to resume their daily routines more quickly.

Effective Treatment Formulated by Doctors

Skin treatments formulated by doctors are backed by science, giving patients the confidence that the treatment will yield visible results. Our doctors personally handpicked each of the treatments that go into the Duo Laser & Facial Combi.

Cell Regeneration for Youthful Skin

Cell Regeneration for Youthful


By using active cell extracts, your skin receives a boost in its natural rejuvenation process. Calecim Facial delivers important growth factors, antioxidants and peptides, which are the foundation for skin cell regeneration.

Meet The Doctors

Dr. Daniel Wee

MBBS (Singapore) | GDFM (Singapore) | Accredited Family Physician (MOH) | Accredited Certificate Issuer for Lasting Power of Attorney (Ministry of Community and Youth Singapore MCYS) | Member of Singapore Medical Association (SMA) | Member of College of Family Physicians Singapore (CFPS)

Dr. Lau Xin Rou

MBBS (University Malaya) | Accredited by Singapore Medical Council for Medical Aesthetic Procedure

Joyre Medical & Aesthetic Clinic

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FAQ on Joyre Signature Protocol:

Duo Laser & Facial Combi

What will I get for $288?

You will be getting our Joyre Signature Protocol of Duo Lasers and Calecim Rejuvenation Facial treatment for your overall skin rejuvenation and repair. You can expect one and a half hour to two hours of time for the whole session.

Can I choose only one treatment out of the three?

Yes this is possible as well. Please approach our staff should you only wish to take up one of the three aesthetic treatments. However, for reasons stated above, our doctors recommend the combination treatment plan to address various skin concerns.

When can I see results?

You can expect to see visible improvement in your skin, resulting in a more radiant and smoother texture, after just one treatment. The full results will be unveiled over the coming weeks to months as your skin produces more collagen.

Is there any downtime?

There may be some initial mild redness after the treatment, which typically fades after a few hours. You may resume your normal activities after treatment, but try to avoid sunlight for a few days as much as possible.

Are all three treatments done in one appointment?

Yes. All three treatments are done in one appointment. You are required to make an appointment by calling the clinic directly or filling up the booking form below to get a slot.

Are the laser treatments painful?

Most patients would experience a light tingling or prickling sensation during the procedure. But it is generally tolerable, with or without the numbing cream.

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